Watch: Pitino's kid better than the 2017-18 Gophers

We couldn't resist.
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We couldn't resist.
pitino's kid

Richard Pitino's son Jack is getting into the family business, and on Saturday he flashed some promising potential with an aggressive drive to the rim. 

Jack came up just shy on the two-handed slam, but he's a toddler so that's ok. 

Sadly, we can't say the same about the 2017-18 Gophers, who have been done for more than a week and won't have their name called tomorrow on Selection Sunday. 


Despite failed season, Gophers have reason for optimism

Props to Pitino and the Gophers, though, for grinding through a tough year. Next year promises to be much improved and think about how good they'll be when Jack Pitino is averaging 25 points a game in 2033. 

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