Peter King says hold your horses on Kirk Cousins to Minnesota

He says this despite one report saying it's down to two teams.
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He says this despite one report saying it's down to two teams.

The NFL free-agent signing period is quickly approaching and with every day comes a new story connecting the Vikings to quarterback Kirk Cousins. 

Seriously. Every day. 

On Sunday, a reporter from SportsNet New York said there is "league-wide speculation" that Cousins will sign with Minnesota, and that the Jets are already thinking about a Plan B to fill their quarterback need. 

The same thing came out of a Denver report. 

On Saturday, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that only the Vikings, Jets, Broncos and Cardinals have a legit shot to get Cousins. 

Now on Monday, we see that Bleacher Report's Matt Miller has narrowed that list to two teams

"It's down to two teams," Miller said on his podcast. "That's what I've been told from multiple people. It's down to two teams, the New York Jets and the Minnesota Vikings."

Miller then added that believes the Jets will win out simply because they have nearly double the cap space. 

But is it really down to two teams even though the signing period doesn't begin until March 14?

The MMQB's Peter King doesn't think so:

"I believe there are more than the four currently publicized teams (Denver, Minnesota, New York Jets, Arizona) involved in the Cousins derby, and I do not believe that Cousins and McCartney have whittled down the list yet. Why? Because they want to be sure that when the real offers come in, they haven’t cut anyone out. It would be folly to think Cousins doesn’t have a gut feeling about the one or two teams that are in the lead now, but I think he’ll remain open about it until he and McCartney have a more serious discussion a few days before the March 14 opening of free agency."

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