Ex-Redskins TE claims he has info about a Vikings offer to Kirk Cousins

That's a LOT of guaranteed money.
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That's a LOT of guaranteed money.

There are a bunch of blogger sites claiming that ex-Redskins tight end Chris Cooley has info that the Vikings are going to offer Kirk Cousins a three-year, $91 million contract. 

If you actually listen to Cooley's radio show, which you can do so right here, you'll hear Cooley say this: 

"I heard, not from anyone in the Redskins and not from anyone in the Kirk Cousins camp, but from another agent," said Cooley, "was $31 (million) a year for three years in fully guaranteed money." 

Firstly, $31 million multiplied by three equals $93 million – not $91 million.

Secondly, based upon who Cooley says he got the info from, his claim seems highly dubious.


Peter King says hold your horses on Cousins to the Vikings

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio was on KFAN today and said it's highly unlikely that Cousins will get more than $27 million annual in a 3+ year deal. 

But Cooley's "report" did its job, setting the rumor mill ablaze and even getting Vikings running back Jerick McKinnon's attention. 

If the Vikings have offered a contract it would be considered illegal tampering, so we highly doubt GM Rick Spielman has done that. Maybe it's something on the table, but at this point all of this is wild speculation. 

NFL teams cannot legally propose contracts to free agents until March 12, and then the actual signing period begins March 14. 

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