Check out the uniforms Gophers football will debut next season

You're going to love the new gold helmets.
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You're going to love the new gold helmets.

Gophers football on Tuesday unveiled the new Nike uniforms they'll begin wearing next fall. 

There will be more than 100 different uniform combinations available, but they'll stick to a foundation of maroon, white or anthracite jerseys, maroon, white or gold helmets and pants that come in maroon, white, anthracite and gold.

You can see all of the jerseys on Nike's Gopher page. Personally, I'm in love with the new gold helmet. It looks awesome with the anthracite uniforms. 

Some of the key design functions: 

  • "ROW" written on the front of every helmet.
  • Maroon helmet has an oar stretching across the top and back. 
  • Gold helmet is a "Dart Gold" that resembles classic Gopher football helmets. 
  • A pattern of an oar, boat and compass are woven into the numbers on the jerseys as a symbol of their "Row the Boat" culture. 

The Gophers will wear them for the first time in their season opener Aug. 30 against New Mexico State. 

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