Watch: Wiz Khalifa scores a touchdown in 'Letterman'

The most fun you'll have in a stadium this week.
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The most fun you'll have in a stadium this week.

One of the most potent mixtapes last year was Wiz Khalifa's Laugh Now, Fly Later. While the mixtape was mostly a teaser to hold Taylor Gang-loyalists over until the release of his forthcoming Rolling Papers 2, Khalifa hasn't forgotten the place it holds in fans' heart (and lungs) so he's blessing them with the impressively edited video for the tape's signature track, "Letterman."

Directed by Ethan Lader, who longtime Wiz fans may know from his work on Khalifa's MTV VMA-nominated "We Dem Boyz," "Letterman" finds Wiz in a largely vacant arena, joined only by a few Taylor Gang affiliates and a bevy cheerleaders wearing uniforms supporting what can only be considered Wiz's home team, "The Doobies."

The coolest part of the video is the use of stop-motion and quick cuts to create the illusions that Wiz and the cheerleaders are transcending the stiff arena seats. If you're wondering how they did that, we presume Lader used the tactic of positioning Wiz and each cheerleader behind each seat for a single shot that they had to remain frozen during, and then repeat that same pose exactly, but one floor down. That, or Wiz has reached the level of being able to manipulate matter around him, which is within the realm of possibility.

Go 95.3

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