The Trend: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs return with a cover

The boundary-pushing band's first recorded music in five years come courtesy of Spotify.
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The boundary-pushing band's first recorded music in five years come courtesy of Spotify.

Call it something like a phenomenon, baby, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back with new music, courtesy of Spotify's titular Singles series. 

Before you get too excited, Karen O. and company haven't blessed us with any new original music this time out. Instead, the iconic NYC band is looking to the past with an acoustic cover of '70s indie rock pioneers Big Star's "Thirteen."

Recorded at Spotify's studio in NYC earlier this year, the stripped down arrangement not only pays due tribute to the original song, but also offers a refreshingly vulnerable contrast to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' usually spikiness. Karen O.'s voice is in particularly fine form, capturing all of the brittle beauty of Alex Chilton's original vocal. Dare we compare it to Stevie Nicks' unforgettable "Landslide?" We dare!

The single's A-Side is slightly less exciting, only in the sense that it's an almost note-for-note recreation of the band's seminal breakout hit "Maps." Still, the song rips, and it also turns 15 years old this year, along with the rest of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's debut album Fever to Tell.  

The Spotify Singles session marks the band's first recorded music in five years, and hopefully will act as a harbinger of new original material in the coming year. With the band performing a run of festival dates this summer, things are certainly looking promising.

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