The List: Kendrick Lamar is pro-'Panther', not photographers

How the Compton rapper came to curate the 'Black Panther' soundtrack and ban photographers.
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How the Compton rapper came to curate the 'Black Panther' soundtrack and ban photographers.

I remember he wasn't conflicted about contributing to an absolute Marvel of a soundtrack.

After a weekend of non-stop bumping Kendrick Lamar's latest stellar release, the soundtrack to Black Panther, news of his increased involvement over the course of the project has come to light. Director Ryan Coogler revealed that initially Kendrick had only planned to do roughly six songs for the soundtrack, but after seeing more and more of the film felt inspired to create more until eventually he was the film's official musical curator. More than just an assortment of unreleased songs, Kendrick's vested interest in the source material is evident within how many of the tracks feature him sliding in and out of the perspectives of the hero T’Challa and the film's villain, Killmonger.

Roughly half of the soundtrack's ideas came from Kendrick's 2017 tour promoting DAMN, which is an interesting tidbit considering the day's other unrelated Kendrick news in that he's banning professional photographers from shooting his concerts. While fans will still be allowed to take cell phone images to keep forever, Kung-Fu Kenny has effectively crescent-kicked the photo-pit from his live shows.

Stay tuned to Go 95.3 for all the info on our upcoming private screening of Black Panther and our favorite cuts from the film's soundtrack!

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