The List: Eminem and Ed Sheeran spend Valentine's Day at the 'River'

Mr. Mathers' isn't having the happiest Valentine's Day in his new video.
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Mr. Mathers' isn't having the happiest Valentine's Day in his new video.

While Eminem still hasn't heard back from President Donald Trump after his scathing freestyle last year, the rapper's latest video focuses on an unwanted type of attention - that of an unwanted pregnancy. The inner-turmoil is bordered by walls of Ed Sheeran in his latest video "River."

We haven't heard much from Eminem post-Revival's release last December. This new video, while only announced yesterday, finds the Academy Award-winning 8 Mile star returning to acting in the tale of a fling that results in a positive pregnancy test. As if that weren't enough, his fling's vengeful husband is scorned and looking for trouble. All this, while someone left Sheeran out in the rain. Talk about a downer Valentine's Day!

The clip uses the aesthetic of cell phone videos between a narrative assembled from faux-documentary interviews. Eminem claims the song is about something he had to get off his chest. Ed Sheeran is really, really wet.

Ambitious as the clip is, if you're in a relationship, we don't necessarily recommend it as the most romantic gift. Instead, buying a loved one this bootleg "Emimem" [sic] shirt seems to be a much more intimate gesture.

- In philanthropic news, Vic Mensa recently revealed how much he's done to help aid Flint, Michigan's water crisis.

- What you know about T.I. giving away 300 Black Panther tickets for the film's premiere in Atlanta?

- You'll get goosebumps reading about Travis Scott's first appearance following his daughter Stormi's birth at a Houston Rockets game.

- Headlining the 2018 Roots Picnic this year will be Dave Chappelle, Lil Uzi Vert and The Diplomats.

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