The List: A$AP Mob are the 'Coziest'

Ride with the Mob as things get animated.
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Ride with the Mob as things get animated.

It seems you can't open your window these days without seeing a new project from the A$AP Mob, and for as definitively Uptown as their live tours and television appearances are, their music videos remain sleek, stylish and cutting edge. This tradition continues in their new video for A$AP Twelvy and Zack's "Coziest."

Coming off of A$AP Mob's delightfully titled Cozy Tapes 2: Too Cozy, the video draws much of its aesthetic from an '80s-style animation. Somewhere in the plasma between early animé - back when your local Blockbuster Video referred to it as the mildly-problematic "Japanimation" - and adult-oriented hand-drawn endeavors like cult classic Heavy Metal, the cool imagery is enhanced by the VHS static, presenting an underground adult cartoon in the unsettling way it should be seen.

Fans of A$AP Mob also have the new A$AP Rocky album to look forward to, even if they don't know the title yet. Announced this week and set to feature DRAM, the new Rocky project is reportedly completed and due this year. But being kept in the dark hasn't stopped fans of the Mob to check in with each other and attempt to guess the title.

- Year of the Migos II continues as hip-hop's favorite couple Offset and Cardi B link up for a remix of Chris Jeday's "Ahora Dice." 

- Get excited for Valentine's Day heartbreak as tomorrow Eminem and Ed Sheeran are set to drop their video for "River."

- If tomorrow you're in more of a love and/or basketball mood, Wale's got your back with his new track "All Star Break Up."

- Nostalgia is gonna make you "jump, jump" as Jermaine Dupri is set to celebrate his highly influential label's silver anniversary this summer with So So Def 25.

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