Rihanna's new Valentine's Day-themed socks

#ColdHearted calf-length Valentine's wishes from RiRi.
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#ColdHearted calf-length Valentine's wishes from RiRi.

Wild, wild thoughts and warm, warm stockings are here, thanks to Rihanna's latest fashion endeavor. Her apparel company Stance is has just released the #ColdHearted collection. A cool $125 will land you one of three pairs of bejeweled calf-length socks.

Being hailed as the perfect stockings for "single savages," the #ColdHearted collection dropped at midnight Pacific Standard Time  - 2:00 AM CT if you're nasty.

Something about the Valentine's Day season has everyone talking about Rihanna. This week, alternative queen St. Vincent released a cover of Rihanna and SZA's "Consideration" and internet myth-busters Snopes had to clarify that Rihanna was actually NOT "banned from Senegal for being part of the 'Illuminati.'"

Go 95.3

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