About Us


We built Go: Media with you in mind.

Go: Media’s mission is to put you at the center of the best of what’s happening in Minnesota. Our company includes Go Radio’s two modern music stations, the news and entertainment website GoMN.com, and the engaging entertainment experiences put on by Go Events.


GoMN.com is a news and entertainment website that began as BringMeTheNews.com in 2009, and embraced its current name in October of 2016. Since our founding, our goal has been to deliver journalism and a point of view that connects modern Minnesotans to the world right outside their door.

We believe that an informed, engaged community is a successful community. We believe context, inclusiveness, and brevity enhance the news in a fast-paced world. We believe people want to smile and share that feeling with others. And when systems are broken, they want to know how to take action.

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Go Radio

Two modern playlists, two radio channels, and all the songs shaping the sound of the Twin Cities metro area. Go 95.3 (KZGO-FM) delivers hip-hop and Go 96.3 (KQGO-FM) brings alternative with influencer hosts who love and live the music. We play what we want and what you want. 

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Go Events

Go Events produces concerts (Go Shows, Go Garages, Go Sessions), parties, festivals (Go Fest, BFGS, Snow Show) and more.