St. Kate's terror suspect 'hid on campus' before setting fires, university reviews security

Tnuza Jamal Hassan set several fires on the campus and tried to encourage students to join Al-Qaeda.
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Tnuza Jamal Hassan set several fires on the campus and tried to encourage students to join Al-Qaeda.

St. Catherine's University is launching a security review after court filings reveal a terror and arson suspect may have hidden on campus before setting a series of fires last month.

In a statement on its website, the St. Paul college said it's taken on an outside company to assess its security procedures after more details emerged of the allegations against 19-year-old former student Tnuza Jamal Hassan.


– St. Kate's arson suspect also charged with terror offenses.

Hassan has been charged with terror offenses after allegedly sending letters to fellow students in March 2017 encouraging them to join Al-Qaeda.

This prompted a criminal investigation that the university was asked to keep quiet. During the next 10 months, KSTP reports Hassan twice tried to reach the Middle East from the Twin Cities.

She reportedly ran away from her mother's home on Jan. 8, 2018, and is believed to have hidden on campus until she resurfaced to allegedly set the fires on Jan. 17.

"We know from conversations with authorities that they have no evidence anyone else at St. Kate’s is involved, nor is there a current threat to public safety," St. Kate's said in its statement.

"However, we are concerned about the possibility that Hassan may have hidden on campus. As such, the University has secured external assistance to collect an accurate, unbiased assessment of our safety procedures. This assessment will be used to inform any procedural changes or updates that may be needed."

This is not the first security problem St. Kate's has had in the past year.

In September, a security guard at the school made a false report to police after shooting himself on campus and blaming a black man who didn't exist.

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