Minnesota, your Four Daughters are going to Sundance

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Four Daughters wine bottles

Utah is not known for its alcohol consumption, but things loosen up there during the Sundance Film Festival.

And when this year's edition of the prestigious independent film fest kicks off next week, the movie buffs will be sipping Minnesota-made wine.

The Business Journal reports Four Daughters Vineyard & Winery will supply the festival.

From its vineyard near Spring Valley, Four Daughters has grown to be Minnesota's biggest winemaker.

ABC 6 News says Four Daughters is sending four varieties to Sundance: Moscato, Marquette, Chad's Folly and Big Boy Blend.

A state known for teetotaling does not make it easy to import wine and Four Daughters founder Vicky Vogt tells ABC 6: “It’s a miracle that we’re even getting in, getting our wine there, because it’s a big process to get wine into Utah.”

Getting wine-worthy grapes out of Minnesota's soil was once thought to require divine intervention, as well.

Wine-searcher.com says the state's temperature extremes in both summer and winter are perilous to the best-known grape varieties.

But the site credits the work of grape-vine researchers – particularly at the U of M – who have developed new, hardy varieties. The site now lists 52 Minnesota wineries.

The Minnesota Farm Winery Association has mapped out five wine trails you can tour with your designated driver.

Four Daughters has experience with the celebrity set, having provided wine to the Country Music Awards in November.

The Sundance Film Festival runs from Jan. 22 through Feb 1.

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