Live long and prosper: 100-year-olds party down at Duluth Senior Expo

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Duluth 100 year olds birthday party (photo Twitter -- Ray Linville)

More than a dozen Minnesotans over 100 years old were honored Thursday with a special birthday party at the Duluth Senior Expo, Northland's NewsCenter reports.

In all, 11 women and two men with triple-digit birthdays received a special certificate and birthday cake at the event.

"They have contributed so much to our city ... and we want them to feel special for that," Gail Walkowiak, the event's organizer, told Northland's NewsCenter.

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There were more than 100 exhibitors at the celebration, plus live entertainment, a fashion show, health screenings and flu shots, seminars and speakers, and more.

Grace Zemlin, 104, was the oldest of the centenarians being celebrated at the party.

"I'm the oldest one wherever I go," Zemlin told WDIO.

Millard LaJoy, 101, told the station that not worrying in his life has taken him a long way.

"There's no secret to it, just don't worry about anything and be good to people," LaJoy says.

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According to an April release from the U.S. Census Bureau, there were about 55,000 people in America over the age of 100 based on data from 2007-2011 – which is about 0.02 percent of the population. And it's a women's world; 81 percent of those centenarians were female.

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