Former Viking Matt Kalil charged after his Minnesota pizzeria is accused of letting minors sell booze

He wasn't at the pizza shop at the time the beer was sold, but he's being held responsible.
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He wasn't at the pizza shop at the time the beer was sold, but he's being held responsible.

Former Vikings offensive tackle Matt Kalil is being charged after a teenager allegedly served alcohol to another teenager at a restaurant he owns – even though he wasn't there when it happened. 

Kalil, who now plays for the Carolina Panthers, was charged Monday with a misdemeanor in connection to the Oct. 26 incident at Pieology Pizza in Maple Grove. 

According to the charges, a police officer was doing an alcohol compliance check with a 19-year-old woman at Pieology Pizza on Oct. 26, when the teen was sold a beer by a 17-year-old server.

It's against the law in Minnesota for an establishment to sell alcohol to a minor, but it's also against the law for anyone under 18 to sell or serve alcohol in an establishment. 

And because Kalil is listed on the liquor license application for Pieology Pizza, he's the one being charged with violating the license restriction relating to minors selling alcoholic beverages, the charges say. 

Kalil is expected to be arraigned on the charges in Hennepin County on Dec. 15, the Star Tribune reports. No one else has been charged in connection to the incident, the paper adds. 

Kalil played with the Vikings from 2012-2016, but joined the Panthers starting in the 2017 season. 

He owns the Pieology Pizza franchising rights in Minnesota, and in 2014 he opened three of the fast-casual, design-your-own pizza shops in Maple Grove, St. Paul and Mankato. A news release from 2014 said he had plans to open "another 14 locations in the coming years." 

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