Charges: Mother and 'baby daddy' kidnapped, severely beat babysitter

She used nunchucks in the attack.
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She used nunchucks in the attack.
Nautasha Smith, Wade Sorenson

A woman and her "baby daddy" are accused of kidnapping, tying up and beating with nunchucks a man she believes molested her son.

Natausha Rae Smith, 34, of Duluth is accused of inflicting horrific injuries on the victim, later helped by Wade Allen Sorenson, 37, who has also been charged.

It comes after the victim arrived at St. Luke's Hospital on Mar. 2 with blood and lumps all over his head, a completely swollen face, ligature marks around his wrists and ankles, rope bound around his wrists and a padlock hung from his neck.

The criminal complaints against the pair state that Smith had accused the victim of molesting her son while babysitting her children, and they were scheduled to be interviewed on Mar. 2 regarding the allegations.

But before the interview could happen, Smith invited the victim to her house in West 4th Street, Duluth, where she and her 17-year-old niece pulled him to the ground and hit him over the head with nunchucks.

They then tied him to a chair with rope, before hitting him multiple times with the nunchucks and her fists so he would "feel what her kids felt."

She came back with Sorenson

Smith then left to attend the interviews with her children, leaving her niece to keep an eye on the victim.

When she returned, she had three men with her, one of them Sorenson, who is described as Smith's "baby daddy."

They went to the basement and using a bandana, secured a padlock around the victim's mouth before throwing him up the stairs and into a car.

When he tried to fight back, he was kicked in the mouth where the padlock was placed. They then put a plastic bag over his head so blood wouldn't get in the car.

They drove him around for an hour, continuing to assault him, and then pushed him out of the car, proceeding to kick and stomp on the back of his neck repeatedly.

The victim "played dead" until the assault ended. He was later found crawling on the side of the road and taken to hospital.

When interviewed, Smith said she "wanted to put the fear of God into him."

They have been charged with aiding and abetting kidnapping, first-degree aiding and abetting assault and first-degree aiding and abetting attempted premeditated murder.

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