Bounty hunter helps catch suspect wanted over missing dog threats

The owners believe their pet's killer is still out there.
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The owners believe their pet's killer is still out there.

Police have arrested a man for trying to extort money from a Delano family whose beloved pet labrador disappeared – and later turned up dead.

The Davis family hired a bounty hunter, Stew Peters of Minneapolis-based U.S. Fugitive Apprehension, to help after their dog Lou disappeared and was later found shot dead on an island in Pelican Lake, near Albertville.


– Missing, possibly stolen pet lab found shot dead.

Since he went missing in December, the family received a number of threatening phone calls from someone claiming they had Lou. At one point arranging a ransom drop that didn't result in their dog being returned.

On Friday morning, FOX 9 reports a man was arrested in Minneapolis in connection with making these calls, which follows an anonymous tip made to the bounty hunter.

The suspect is believed to use Craigslist and other social media to prey on people who post for missing pets, and apparently had multiple extortion victims, the TV station notes.

Owner Jason Davis wrote on Facebook that he doesn't think this is his dog's killer, and they are still offering a $10,000 reward to find the person responsible.

"We are celebrating the arrest of the guy responsible for the extortion and threats!" he wrote. "Although this is fantastic news, we feel Lou’s killer is still out there."

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