When spring arrives, so does free Dairy Queen ice cream

DQ will be giving away free vanilla cones on Mar. 20.
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DQ will be giving away free vanilla cones on Mar. 20.

What's happening?

Spring. Spring is happening soon. And what better way to start the warm season with a delicious ice cream?

Great, where can I get some?

There are plenty of fine purveyors of the cream that is ice in the Twin Cities, but the only place to get one for free on Mar. 20 will be Dairy Queen.

For the fourth year in a row, DQ is giving away a free small, vanilla soft serve cone to mark the first day of spring.

It will be taking place at participating, non-mall locations of DQ and DQ Grill & Chill.

Anything else I should know?

A bit of corporate news, but Dairy Queen is shifting its headquarters from where it currently resides in Edina.

Don't worry, it's not leaving the state, it's just moving slightly east to 8000 Normandale Blvd. in Bloomington early next year.

The new, 50,000 square foot franchisee support center will include a new test kitchen along with "unique collaborative spaces."

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