This winter has been balmy compared to just 4 years ago

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Did you forget?
Minnesota cold weather and snow

Don't feel bad. We've all complained about how bitterly cold Minnesota's winter has been this year.

But just how cold has it been? 

According to the National Weather Service (NWS), the Twin Cities has already had 24 days with a low temperature at or below zero. That's one more than the annual average, and there's still more than a month left of winter (or so says a groundhog in Massachusetts).


Valentine's Day is going to be (relatively) hot in the Twin Cities

But this winter hasn't been nearly as cold for as long as it was just a few years ago. 

You don't remember? Perhaps our brains are still thawing out, but the winter of 2013-14 was literally twice as bad as this winter. 

The Twin Cities had 50 days of below zero temperatures in 2013-14. That's just 10 off the record set 143 years ago.

And if you think it was bad in the Twin Cities, you should've been living in International Falls where people there suffered through a record-tying 92 days where the low temperature was at or below zero, according to the Minnesota DNR

It was so cold on Jan. 6, 2014 that Gov. Mark Dayton canceled all K-12 public schools statewide. 

Yes, it's been cold this winter, but not even close to as unbearable as it was just three years ago. 

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