Prepare for temperatures to drop as much as 40 degrees by Thursday

The warm spell is about over, then it'll be back to nostril-freezing cold.
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The warm spell is about over, then it'll be back to nostril-freezing cold.

Enjoy the weather on Wednesday, Minnesota, because Thursday is a whole different proposition.

The welcome return back to the 30s and 40s will end on Wednesday night, as a winter storm predicted for the state will be followed by a "flash freeze" that will send the mercury plunging Thursday.

A high of 43 is predicted in the Twin Cities on Wednesday – by Thursday afternoon the high could be just 7, a 36-degree swing.

Some parts of the state, such as Alexandria, could see swings of more than 40 degrees as temperatures drop below zero.

But what about the snow?

Minnesota is still going to get some snow, though the direction of the winter storm has shifted. The highest amounts are most likely to fall in the southeast corner of the state.

Cities including Rochester, Red Wing and Albert Lea can expect to see 4-6 inches overnight.

In the Twin Cities meanwhile, 3 inches is the likely consensus for now, according to the National Weather Service.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 9.18.21 AM

There's a 65 percent chance the metro will get more than 2 inches, and a 39 percent chance we'll get more than 4 inches.

There is even a slim possibility – 8 percent – of getting more than 8 inches of snow.

Either way, even a small amount of snow is going to make the Thursday morning commute a messy one.


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