Panic over, Sun Country is bringing Surly back to in-flight menus

A win for the consumer once again.
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A win for the consumer once again.

Never doubt the power of the affronted Minnesotans.

No sooner had Sun Country Airlines confirmed it was pulling Surly beers from its in-flight menu, it itself pulled a complete 180.

The Eagan-based airline's decision to pull a Minnesota-made beer from its menu shortly after being taken over by a New York asset management company had us thinking that maybe it was losing its Minnesotan roots.

But following the outcry that followed, Sun Country has confirmed to GoMN that its suite of Surly beers will return to planes soon enough – although it claims it was "in the midst" of bringing them back anyway.


– With every passing day, Sun Country becomes less Minnesotan.

"Yes, we certainly agree that it’s time to bring back Surly," spokeswoman Kelsey Dodson-Smith told GoMN. "In fact, we were in the midst of doing so and are looking forward to having Surly Furious back onboard April 1 in our First Class cabin and May 1 throughout the rest of the cabin."

Surly has shown its gratitude in a statement to CityPages, which first reported Surly's removal from flights after being contacted by reader Liz Scholz, saying it and Sun Country was "destined to reunite. Like Gome and Bieber, or Ozzy and Black Sabbath."

"All joking aside, we’re looking forward to being back on our local airline," it added. 

Now let's just see if Sun Country brings back its not totally unreasonable $7 price.

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