Kerning error in Mall of America event flyer leads to amusement on Reddit

Is it Go Red, or Gored?
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Is it Go Red, or Gored?

If you're a regular Redditor then we'd urge you to check out the subreddit /r/keming, which looks at unintentionally funny typographical spacing mistakes.

One of the reasons you should check it out is that right now is that a Redditor has found a kerning mistake in an ad for an event at the Mall of America.

As you can see above, a spacing error between the "O" and "R" has turned "Go Red at the MOA" to "Gored at the MOA."

As Reddit poster Aardvarkgecko notes: "Sounds like it might get bloody."

The event was the Go Red Health Expo hosted by the American Heart Association-Minnesota at the megamall on Saturday.

It featured a fashion show, survivor stories, singing, dancing, CPR training and health information, according to the event listing – not a bullfight or boar hunt in sight.

Kerning, by the way, refers to the amount of space between typed characters, and "the process of adjusting that space to avoid awkward-looking gaps between your letters and improve legibility," according to

Keming is what Reddit refers to as "bad kerning," with the name a nod to what would happen if the "r" and "n" in "kerning" are too close together.

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