Watch: London and Sydney choose Prince to ring in 2017

2016 will always be remembered, at least in part, as the year the world lost Prince. So it’s only fitting that, to ring in 2017, two of the world’s biggest cities took some time to honor the iconic musician.

Both Sydney and London played Prince songs as part of their New Year’s fireworks celebration. The Aussies went with “Purple Rain,” while over in England it was “Let’s Go Crazy” and “1999.”

Here’s the Prince portion in Sydney, courtesy of the Mirror:

And here’s the start of London’s celebration, which began with Big Ben ringing in the new year – and then jumped right into “Dearly beloved … ” before transitioning to “1999.” It’s about as cool and goosebump-inducing of a moment you’ll see. Here it is from BBC:

There’s also this amateur video, via shanlouisa1979 on Instagram:

Lets celebrate life💙happy new year homies🇬🇧#london2017#prince

A video posted by Shan Grech (@shanlouisa1979) on

Happy 2017, rest of the world. (And happy 2017 to Minnesota in a few hours.)


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