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Watch: These cows meet a beaver – and make him their leader

Apparently beavers are great at herding cattle.

Well, this Canadian beaver is, anyway. A rancher in Saskatchewan posted a video of the unsuspecting beaver, who wandered into a cattle pasture – and became the cows’ leader.

He’s only the size of a small dog, but the 150 heifers followed his every move. And it’s adorable.

Here’s the clip:

So how exactly did this beaver become a cow whisperer? Well, for one … beavers are an official symbol of Canada, so obviously these cows have mad respect.

But seriously – rancher Adrienne Ivey explained how the little rodent ended up there in a Facebook post, saying: “Ranchers work with wetlands and sloughs. I have seen many an activist protesting the fact that beef production uses so much water. Here in Sask, water is in abundance. This is the reason we have so many beavers.”

Ivey also told CBC News that heifers (young female cows) are “kind of like teenagers” and typically more curious than other cows, which may have led to them following the beaver.

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