Vine may be gone, but its ability to compromise users’ personal details remains

Never thought you’d hear from Vine again? Think again. The now-defunct social media video app has a message for former users – and it’s not good news.

The 6-second video site, which was bought by Twitter and later shut down, revealed on Friday that a bug affecting its archive may have compromised former users’ personal details.

According to an announcement, the bug had the potential to expose account holders’ email addresses or phone numbers to third parties.

“We have already notified all affected account holders for whom we have a verified email address on file, so if you weren’t notified, you most likely weren’t affected,” the company said.

Vine says there’s no indication yet that any user information obtained through the bug has been misused, but account holders should be advised to be “cautious of emails or texts messages received from unknown senders.”

“Please keep in mind that Vine will only send communications from, and we will never send emails with attachments or request your password by email,” it adds.

If you happen to have had a Vine account and you’re worried you may have been affected, Twitter suggests checking out its help center.


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