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Video: Blimp pops and crashes to the ground at US Open golf in Wisconsin

A scary scene unfolded at the U.S. Open golf championship on Thursday morning, as a blimp burst and crashed to the ground.

The world’s best golfers were making their way around the Erin Hills course in Wisconsin when the incident happened shortly after 11 a.m., with Twitter user Sam Schmitt capturing video of it going down (please excuse the swear in his tweet).

The blimp was manned, with the Wisconsin Journal Sentinel reporting the pilot has been injured and taken from the scene by Fight for Life.

Some eyewitnesses claim to have seen the pilot bail out with a parachute before the vessel crashed.

The wreckage was found in a nearby farm field, TMZ reports.

Judging by earlier tweets, the blimp appears to have been operated by AirSign and was emblazoned with an advertising logo for the PenFed Credit Union. It is said to have caught fire before bursting and falling to the ground.

Other videos of the crash have also been shared on social media.



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