Traffic control worker hit by SUV: Pay attention while you’re driving

If you’ve ever driven around a city’s downtown, you’ve probably been directed by a traffic agent at some point – waving you through an intersection, or telling you to stop and wait.

Pay attention and don’t hit them.

Jennifer Schlosser, a traffic control agent in Minneapolis, was struck on Sept. 12 by an SUV that came swerving around the corner. On Tuesday, Schlosser spoke about what happened, and the City of Minneapolis released video of the crash.

“All I remember is turning one lane on to 3rd street from 5th avenue, and a red SUV coming out of nowhere and hitting me,” Schlosser said. “And I remember laying on the ground. Immediately I could not feel my legs.”

Video from the city parking ramp shows Schlosser directing cars in one lane in front of her to turn left. The car that hit her was in the next lane over, and swings around the corner with Schlosser directly in its path. Here’s the video – it’s a bit disturbing to see.

Schlosser was taken away in an ambulance (her first ride ever in one, and hopefully her last, she said), and is still recovering from the injuries. The City of Minneapolis said the driver made an illegal turn, and has pleaded guilty.

Schlosser is now spreading the message that people need to be careful and watch for traffic agents like herself in the street.

“I just really want everyone to be more aware, because we are out there, and we’re just trying to get you safely home,” she said. “We just want to go home safe as well.”

The law, the City of Minneapolis say, is to follow what the traffic agent directs you to do. They have the authority to override normal traffic signs or signals.


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