The internet’s greatest, weirdest corndog website was made in Minnesota

Here’s pretty much all you need to know about the website

“The one that’s always kind of really weird and I see a lot of people using it is the Beyonce one. … The pregnant Beyonce photos were so popular and weird, [adding someone’s face on a corndog is] just like layering weird on top of weird.”

You’re intrigued, right? is the newest digital celebration of National Corndog Day spearheaded by Zach Ogaard (and that’s who is quoted above).

The entire concept is wonderfully weird. It’s a bunch of images that have had a corndog digitally inserted. And you can upload your face to the corndog to then create masterpieces like this:

Or this:

Or here’s a Beyonce pregnancy photo version (which you can click to see – we didn’t wanna get anyone in trouble at work).

Um … so what’s going on exactly?

OK, the background.

Ogaard, who works at the Minneapolis ad agency space150, told GoMN he found out National Corn Dog Day (every March 18!) was a thing about seven years ago. He started holding small parties to celebrate, and it grew from six or seven friends early on, to now dozens of attendees.

One of those people was former coworker Ross Teichner (who now works at Leadpages). He’s been there to offer unabashed support for the corndog-related madness and is described as a “co-conspirator.”

“That dude’s cool, I like where his mind is going,” Teichner said he thought of Ogaard when they were working together.

How this came about

Four years ago, Ogaard decided he needed to put out stuff that would “get people excited” for National Corndog Day, in addition to the party.

It started with this rap video in 2014.

The next year they hit it big with – which shows different GIFs with corndogs inserted when you press different keyboard keys. That one won a 2016 Webby for the “weird” category and really “went viral,” Ogaard said.

In 2016 it was, a kaleidoscopic, interactive celebrity-faced page.

For 2017, Ogaard said he wanted to do something different, and offer something users could share afterward.

“Zach is the visionary,” Teichner said, explaining they got together about three weeks ago to take Ogaard’s concept of a “blitz” of photos and come up with something workable and fun. And once they landed on a idea they liked, the work began.

“Ross is a lot smarter than me and I don’t know how to do code,” Ogaard said. “He’s the guy putting it all together, and I kind of will do the design and the photoshopping.”

Helping with the track in the background was Austin Tofte, while Maria Erikson did some retouching for the site.

In all, it was hours and hours of work before it got to the point where it was launchable Thursday afternoon. And Friday they even pushed an update to make it work better.

‘Wow, this guy is a weird person and I love this stuff’

By the way – this is all for fun. This isn’t for a client, or part of their full-time job duties. They just chose to do this in their free time.


It’s fun – and other people seem to think so too.

They’ve both gotten long strings of messages with people sending their corndog-faced creations to them, whether it’s the pregnant Beyonce or the Game of Thrones shot (which Teichner called “so epic”).

“I want to make people smile,” Teichner said. “That’s kind of the No. 1 thing I get the most satisfaction out of, people going that made my day.”

Said Ogaard: “If people see it and it makes them happy and they say, ‘Oh man, you made my day,’ or, ‘Marry me,’ whatever it is. … I’m not looking for some kind of a monetary gain out of it or anything. It’s more of just like, Wow, this guy is a weird person and I love this stuff.”


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