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The HBO show Minnesota looks for the most (and it’s not GoT)

HBO is home to shows like Game of ThronesTrue DetectiveThe WireVeep, and The Sopranos.

Yet Minnesotans apparently are more likely to seek out a lesser-known series with decent reviews that lasted only one season over all those powerhouses.

This is far from official, but Frontier Communications and put out a map of which HBO show states look for the most, based on Google Analytics data.

For Minnesota, the answer was Family Tree – a mockumentary starring Chris O’Dowd (who you might know as Kristen Wiig’s cop love interest in Bridesmaids) that got the axe after one season premiered in 2013. It was written by Christopher Guest, who penned This is Spinal TapBest in Show, and plenty of other works.

Two other states came up with Family Tree: Iowa and Alabama.

Here’s the entire map:

A few really make sense. Deadwood is popular in South Dakota – logical since it tells a fictionalized version of Deadwood, South Dakota. And in Louisiana it’s Treme, a series from The Wire creator David Simon about music and people in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

As we mentioned above, this is by no means official. And there are plenty of reasons for a show like Game of Thrones to not be at the top of every state (for example, people probably tend to watch it live rather than stream it later). But it’s still fun to look at.

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