Phil Hughes clowns Deadspin for not understanding baseball

Anyone that knows the game of baseball is well aware that the pitcher and catcher communicate by using signs with their fingers.

One finger down usually means fastball, multiple fingers mean some type of breaking ball and the list goes on.

Unfortunately, Deadspin made a boo boo on Friday and thought Atlanta Braves catcher Tyler Flowers was trying to tell his pitcher – Julio Teheran – to bean Jose Bautista when he signaled for an inside fastball.

Twins pitcher Phil Hughes saw what everyone else saw and tweeted at Deadspin that “this just means fastball in but ok…”

Hughes wasn’t the only one to threw shade at Deadspin.

With basically everyone aware of the blunder, Deadspin acknowledged the mistake and classified it as an “editing error.”

To Deadspin’s credit, Bautista has a history of getting opponents fired up. Just the day before, he hit a home run and did a bat flip, which upset the Braves, including former Twins catcher Kurt Suzuki.

Regardless, it’s pretty clear that this situation wasn’t begging for a bean ball.


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