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Minnesotan known for his giant dog Instagram just survived a cow attack

A Minnesotan well known for his Instagram profile is pretty bruised up after a scary encounter with one of his cows.

Over 100,000 people follow Chris Cline’s ‘grams, which document adventures with his dog, Juji. That’s because Juji is no ordinary pet, he’s a 7-foot-tall golden doodle.

Or… at least he looks like one in the photos. Cline, a graphic designer from Buffalo, photoshops the images to make Juji look like a giant. Then the pup is plopped into all kinds of settings, from outer space to the red carpet.

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Cline’s work has gained an international following and even landed the pair an appearance on the Today show last year. In an interview with the Star Tribune, the 42-year-old said his “edits” have become so popular that he’s now able to make a living out of creating similar images for other animal lovers and their pets.

But Cline’s latest post didn’t feature Juji. It was the story of a near-death experience, with the photos to prove it.

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Cline says he was trying to tag a new calf – a typical chore on his farm. That’s when the mother cow got upset and attacked.

“Her momma was right there with us, as they usually are, and she began getting right in my face. The first hit she gave me was with the top of her head meant to knock me down. And believe me, it took the wind outta my sails. And then before I new it, she was on top of me. 1,200 pounds of cow stomping me into the dirt,” he told GoMN.

He said it happened so fast, and his first instinct was to curl up and protect his face. As the cow trampled his head, arms, legs and face, Cline feared for his life.

“I can honestly say that this was the single most terrifying experience of my life,” he wrote in the post.

Though we might think of cows as gentle animals, Popular Mechanics says cows kill 27 times as many Americans each year as sharks do. So it’s pretty lucky Cline was able to get away, especially without any serious injuries.

Cline says he’ll be taking some time away from Instagram to recover – and he’ll definitely think about cows differently after this experience.

“I am not surprised by the behavior of any animal when it comes to protecting their young. But it absolutely changes how I feel about cattle. I have a constant fear in me right now that know will subside, but I just can’t seem to shake it. I thought I was going to die. It was the single most terrifying experience of my life. I’m grateful that I’m still here.”


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