State Fair

A giant Ferris wheel is coming to the State Fair, isn’t crazy expensive

Sure, the regular Ferris wheel at the Midway isn’t bad. It’s got some nice colors, it lights up at night.

But the State Fair is now going to take you higher.

The Great Big Wheel – weighing 200 tons and requiring 12 trailers to transport – will settle in at the Great Minnesota Get-Together in 2017. The fair says it’s one of the largest traveling Ferris wheels in North America, bringing riders 156 feet up into the air.

It was built in the Netherlands, and has 36 enclosed gondolas, each able to hold six people. And there are more than 500,000 LED lights that can be programmed to show cool things.

“We’ve been working for years to land a spectacular ride like the Great Big Wheel,” said State Fair General Manager Jerry Hammer in the announcement.

It’ll be located on the southwest corner of Randall Avenue and Cooper Street – that’s just past the Kidway, up by the Family Fair and Eco Experience.

How much does it cost?

To be honest, it’s cheaper than we would have guessed – $5 for a ride on the Great Big Wheel.

That’s how much they charge for the Turbo Bungy, climbing wall and Krazy Maze.

Compare that to some of the other entertainment prices there:

– The giant slide and carousel are $2.50 a ride.

– Space Tower is $3. So is the butterfly garden.

– SkyGlider and Skyride are $4.50, so a hair cheaper.

– It’s $25 for 30 Midway/Kidway tickets, and most things there need at least a couple tickets, if not more.

– The most expensive things are the Skyscraper and slingshot: $30 per riders during normal hours, or $55 for two riders.

The fair runs Aug. 24 through Sept. 4 (Labor Day) this year.


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