Dave Chappelle remembers Prince as a funny, generous role model

In a new interview with the New York Times, comedian Dave Chappelle shared some of his memories of Prince.

“I looked up to him like everybody did,” Chappelle said. “I didn’t know him that well, but the times that we hung out were fun and very memorable and often funny.”

Chappelle also touched on Prince’s generosity, some of which was only revealed after his death.

“He was very generous with his advice, and he was very generous with his access. He let me see some of his process,” the comedian added.

Here’s the rest of what Chappelle had to say about the late musician:

“He fostered a community among artists. He used to have these parties where we would go over to his house, and there would be all these musicians that I admired, and they’d just do these jam sessions in the basement. Everybody at the party was playing something. I think when he died there was the icon dying, but then there was this pillar in the community of people dying.”

In the interview – which you can read here – Chappelle also talked about President Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, and his new Netflix deal. He’ll have two new comedy specials premiere Tuesday on Netflix.


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