Captain Planet would probably be happy with Target Field’s new feature

The electric bill at Target Field will be much lower now thanks to a new LED lighting system.

Technically, it’s the “Ephesus sports lighting light-emitting diode (LED) and controls system,” the Twins say. That’s fancy talk for savings.

In fact, the new LED system will cut down on energy costs at Target Field by as much as 75 percent. Which should make this guy and his Planeteers pretty happy.


A reduction of on-field glare for players and fans is one of the main benefits of the system. But the really cool part is the color accent lighting on the canopy that wraps around the top of Target Field.

Here’s a look from farther away, courtesy of Twins President Dave St. Peter.

The system the Twins have is only used by about 20 other professional sports teams, one of them being the Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium.


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