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Bike to work on Friday – you might even get a free breakfast

They say it’s good for you. It doesn’t cost anything. And there’s no pollution – except maybe a little odor if you work up a sweat.

So why not pedal to work on your bicycle Friday?

After all, it’s National Bike to Work Day (which actually caps off Bike to Work Week).  And if you’re commuting by bike in Minneapolis or Duluth, you might be able to score a free cup of coffee and breakfast roll in the morning.

The Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition is setting up a network of pit stops around the city where volunteers will pass out refreshments and high fives to morning riders. If you’re looking for company on your ride, there are also several commuter convoy spots, where bikers will meet up to ride together.

Up in Duluth there will also be a handful of stations where you can get not only a cuppa joe, but a bike tuneup or a lesson on how to load your wheels onto a city bus. And speaking of city buses, the Duluth Transit Authority will charge you nothing on Friday if you’ve got a bike with you when you climb aboard.

Boom in bicycle commuting

According to the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota, the number of Americans who pedal to work grew by more than 60 percent from 2000 to 2013.

One of the goals of Bike to Work Day is to push that figure higher by helping people discover that a two-wheeled commute is a viable option. The Alliance says 40 percent of the trips made in the U.S. are less than two miles, which means they’re probably bikeable.

If it’s a new experience for you, here are some tips for first-time bicycle commuters courtesy of and Men’s Fitness. Also, Bloomberg has suggestions for how bike commuters can still look like they drove to work (keeping deodorant at the office can help with the aforementioned pollution).


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