Aaron Rodgers gets teacher to cancel her final

Students of a sports literature class in Janesville, Iowa, had their days made on Friday with a simple retweet from Aaron Rodgers.

Apparently the students made a deal with their teacher Laura Roberts – who is a big fan of the Green Bay Packers quarterback – that if Rodgers reteweed the tweet below, she’d have to cancel their final.

So the former NFL MVP deiced to #PayItForward.

“We were talking about the news in sports like we do every day, and she mentioned that a student at another school tweeted at Kobe [Bryant],” Peyton Meyer, the student who sent the tweet to Rodgers, told Rob Demovsky of

“We asked if we could do the same, and we know she loves Aaron, so that’s why we picked him.”

According to Demovsky, the class is made up of mostly high school juniors and seniors from the Janesville Consolidated School District.

It makes you wonder if any Vikings fans who are students in Minnesota would ask Rodgers to save the day? It’s definitely worth a shot.

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